The beginning of Lets Get Fiscal:

Dreary-eyed and coffee infused, Lets_Get_Fiscal originated during my masters of accounting, intermittently between mental breakdowns while studying for the CPA exam.

I needed an outlet.  Some would have turned to the gym.  Others would have turned to meditation.  I turned to lame accounting jokes, and it is jokes like this that got me through my CPA exam:

“Why did the accountant enjoy hunting?” “Because he loved taxidermy!” 

Soon I was making even more of my own jokes…One joke turned into two, and two jokes turned into a hundred.  I am not above admitting that I had all my jokes categorized in Excel.

Initially, my friends and family were my main audience but, I realized I needed a bigger outlet.  I knew I was not the only one who found these jokes hilarious, okay… I hoped I was not the only one out there that found these jokes hilarious.

On January 17, 2014, I took Lets_Get_Fiscal through its IPO and created a Twitter.  My branding was weak, and my humor could not be captured in the black and white space of 240 characters.  I needed to reorganize.

On April 1, 2016, I brought Lets_Get_Fiscal out of the reorganization process and formed an Instagram.  Memes were the future and I bet big.  I got into this space right before the “fin-meme” world started, and before I knew it my following was growing like crazy.

It’s now been a few years since I finished college, the CPA exams, and started working at a Big Four accounting firm. The next step in the evolution of Lets_Get_Fiscal is to write a blog about what I’ve learned.

At its heart, Lets_Get_Fiscal has always been an outlet for me to destress.  This blog, is a letter to my younger self on the do’s-and-don’t’s of Big Four accounting.

I know I wished that when I was in college, I had someone to tell me how to manage living while also working at a Big Four.  Hopefully, this blog can help someone else looking for answers.

Lets Get Fiscal