Finance Tools

  1. Acorns

Acorns is an app that I downloaded around a year ago just to see what the hype was about. I realized I needed to build up my savings account because I had a tendency to pull money out of my savings account whenever I needed to, which was preventing me from building up a big savings. I could write an entire post about Acorns and its benefits, but for this post I’ll mention the top 3 perks.

  • Acorns links to your credit cards and every time you make a purchase it is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the change is pulled from your bank account into your Acorns account. It’s a way to slowly build up your investments account over time without having huge one-time hits to your bank account.
  • Acorns has a really great referral program where you get $5 and the person you sign up gets $5. Use this code to try it out!
  • They also have a “found money” feature where if you make any purchases through Acorn’s partners (they have hundreds), Acorns will give you a free percentage of your purchase or a certain amount into your account.

By investing amounts slowly over time, it reduces your risk of losing your money and also it’s completely diversified since Acorn’s invests entirely in ETF’s, which are basically mutual funds in stock form. On top of that you can choose your risk profile and whether you would prefer more conservative investments or more aggressive investments.

2. Honey

Honey is an awesome Chrome extension that I downloaded after seeing a commercial on TV and decided to just try it out – and I cannot shop without it now!!

When I’m ordering something online is AUTOMATICALLY runs all of the possible promo codes that could exist and applies the best one to your purchase. On top of that, every order you place you earn points which you can redeem for giftcards and cash out.

Use this link to check it out!


3. Bumped

This is the “latest” new app I heard about and HAD to give it a try. Unfortunately, I spent months after I signed up sitting on the wait list. Once I was finally approved through it was well worth it!

The app basically links to my credit card and every time I make a purchase with one of their partners I get a % of my purchase in FREE STOCK for those companies in my account. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks but I already have $5 in free stock. Having this literally costs me nothing and overtime I’m sure my portfolio will build up without me even noticing.

Click here to sign up for Bumped!

Have any other finance tools that you love? Send me an email!